Launch & Skipper

Blue Shark Trophy                             Boat catching most Blue Shark (includes T&R)

Corbans Wines Trophy                      Launch catching most billfish (Striped Marlin, Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Broadbill & Spearfish)

Keri Sports Trophy                             Private launch most T&R or liberated billfish & sharks

Netta Frances Boatman’s                 Skipper 3 heaviest fish in March (must be full member)


Netta Frances Launch Cup                Launch catching most billfish & sharks (includes T&R)

Trevor Wright Memorial                     1st boat weighing a qualifying striped marlin, kingfish and

Trophy                                                   yellowfin tuna

Vagabond Cup                                   Boat most Tuna, Albacore, Y/tail & Mahimahi (wghd at Wroa)

Warren McIntyre Cup                         Boat most T&R Tuna, Dorado Dolphin & Yellowtail Kingfish

WBGFC T&R Trophy            Launch most T&R billfish & shark for the season (T&R or liberated)    

Zephyr Trophy                        Private launch most billfish (marlin, broadbill & spearfish) incl. T&R

All Anglers (including juniors & small-fry)

Barbara Brittain Trophy                    Last fish of season over 45.36kg
Broadbill Trophy                                Heaviest Broadbill of season

Chum McComb Memorial  Trophy      Heaviest tuna from a private boat

Corban Shield                                     Heaviest gamefish caught in ‘off season’ (1st July – 31st Oct)

Coxhead Cup                                      Most shark & billfish (weighed)

Dr. Lawrence Shield                           Season’s heaviest gamefish

Ellis Memorial Trophy                       Heaviest tuna of season (not including skipjack or albacore)

Emerald-Eye Pin                                 First T&R marlin of the season

F. Slater Memorial Cup                     Heaviest Black Marlin of season

Gordon Clark Memorial                    Most meritorious catch (story of catch, to be judged)


Homestead Hotel Trophy  (Men’s champion angler)            Season’s total IGFA points

Hoputahi Cup                                      1st weighed marlin of season

Kingfish Cup                                       Heaviest Yellowtail Kingfish of season

Mike Vincent Memorial                     Heaviest marlin from private boat (weighed at Whangaroa)


Redan Motors Cup                             1st T&R Hammerhead of season

Rye Park Trophy                                 1st angler of the season to land their first marlin

Sandra Moore Trophy                        angler with most points from tagged & weighed billfish in club area (east of a                                                                       northerly line from North Cape to a northerly line from Cape Brett)

Taihoa Challenge Cup                       Most IGFA points for 1 Yellowtail Kingfish or Tuna

Truant Cup                                           Most Tuna, Albacore, Y/tail & Mahimahi (weighed at Wroa.)

Vince Harvey Memorial                     Most IGFA points 1 marlin (full members only)


W. Kent Memorial Trophy                 Heaviest Striped Marlin of season

Weighstation Trophy                          Most T&R marlin & sharks

Whangaroa Cup                                  Heaviest Blue Marlin of season

100th Marlin                                          Every 100th marlin to receive an award (T&R included)

                                                Ladies (including female juniors)

Dr. Davies Rose Bowl                         Heaviest gamefish by lady angler for the season

Kevin Jordan Shield                            1st marlin of season by lady angler (includes T&R)

Manaaki Cup                                        Heaviest Striped Marlin by lady angler for the season

Millie White Memorial (Ladies champion angler)           Season’s total IGFA points


                                                Juniors (including Small-Fry)

Coca Cola Trophy                                 Heaviest marlin by junior for the season

Harvey Franks Memorial                     Junior angler most IGFA points for 1 fish


L&R Moselen Trophy                      Best effort (heaviest gamefish) by junior on 15kg line or under

Lamorna T&R Trophy                          Junior angler most T&R gamefish for the season

Len Mashlan Memorial                       Junior champion angler – season’s total IGFA points


Milton Russ Trophy                             Junior angler heaviest Yellowfin Tuna of the season

Moorhead Cup                                     Junior catching heaviest gamefish of the season

Smith Shield                                         Junior catching heaviest Yellowtail Kingfish for the season

Whangarei Housemovers  (Most meritorious catch by junior (story of catch, to be judged))