Membership — The Club provides a warm and friendly environment for their members. Membership is renewable on the 1st of September each year.

Club Licence — This important document is displayed at all times and is our legal criterion for trading.  A parent or guardian must accompany junior members whilst in the Clubrooms.  No liquor is to be removed for consumption outside the premises.  The Club does not allow BYO product to be bought into the Club or Restaurant.  Police enforce liquor procedure and practices.  We endorse the Sale of Liquor Act and pride ourselves in Host Responsibility requirements.

VisitorsVisitors are welcome.  We have reciprocal rights with all NZSFC and Clubs NZ affiliated clubs – please produce your membership card or sign a Restricted Membership form.      Regular visitors are expected to become a Full or Social Member etc after more than two visits.

Language — No foul or profane language will be accepted or tolerated by the Club.

Dress Standard — A reasonable standard of dress is required — please, no gumboots in the Clubrooms.

Smokefree Clubrooms — Please smoke outside in the area provided. The smoker’s door is to be kept shut at all times. No smoking in and around the front entrance.

Fishing Rules — Please read the Club Fishing Rules. 

Weigh-ins — When bringing in a fish to be weighed, please state over the radio your approximate arrival time. 
For courtesy weighs, please ensure that you complete a duplicate weigh sheet and have it signed by the officiating weighmaster/mistress and mail it within 21 days to your Club.
Courtesy weighs are free of charge to all full members of NZSFC affiliated clubs upon production of a valid membership card. All other courtesy weighs are charged at $50 to the weigh-master.
Additional weigh sheets can be uplifted from the Club without charge.  We require a weigh sheet, with tag card and tag number recorded. In the case of liberated fish, a weigh sheet must also be handed in.  NZSFC tags can be purchased from the Club.